Property taxes in Texas are due in arrears. Each spring, your County Appraisal District determines a total taxable value for every property in the jurisdiction. The property tax office will use that valuation to calculate your total tax bill. Every Texan is entitled to dispute the proposed valuation.

Below is helpful timeline:

County Appraisal Districts provide property owners the proposed taxable values on all properties throughout their jurisdiction.

Deadline to dispute the proposed valuation.

Official tax bills are mailed to property owners to be paid. Some tax offices offer small discounts if bill is paid early and offer split payment options to avoid lump sum payment.

December 31
Most Texans pay their property taxes by December 31 to get credit on their tax return.

January 31
Deadline to pay property taxes and avoid penalties.

Property taxes are officially delinquent and begin accruing fees and penalties that amount to over 45% per year. Property tax attorneys follow laws and begin collection process to ultimately foreclose on properties.


Texas has the misfortune of being one of the highest property taxed States. All Texans must ensure they understand their options. Please contact your local appraisal district and tax office to ensure you understand every aspect of your property taxes.