In Texas, property taxes fund the state, local governments, local services and schools with most of their needed budget. Texas will mercilessly collect property taxes and impose incredibly high penalties, over 45% for most tax offices. Making matters worse, Texas is also home to the highest tax rates in the nation. If you’re struggling to pay your property taxes or you’re behind on payments, Sombrero Capital can help.

Property tax bills are sent out in October every year, and they are due January 31. Under Texas law, each year a lien is placed against properties to ensure property taxes are paid. This is a special lien and if unpaid accrued heavy penalties, interest and fees.

If you still fail to repay the delinquent property taxes, legal action will typically begin, which can result in a delinquent attachment to your property. Every tax office hires a law firm to enforce their property tax liens and will ultimately foreclose on properties.

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