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We take great pride in providing high-quality customer service for our Property Tax Loan customers. Sombrero Capital’s top priority is to provide great customer service for Property Tax Loan clients. Our efforts have resulted in Sombrero Capital being the best reviewed Property Tax Lender on BBB.

Our goal is to keep homeowners in their homes and businesses in business!

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Property Tax Loan applicants can expect same-day approvals and great terms. As a full-service lender, our in-house processes allow us to make fast decisions and quickly fund the tax balance.

Our Loan Process


Our online application takes less than 5 minutes.


Application is reviewed and processed within 24 hours.


Once approved, loan documents can be signed in one of our offices or at a convenient location.

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“It’s more affordable, less stress and happier for your family”

Jennifer K.

“If it wasn’t for Sombrero, I wouldn’t know where to go.”

Anthony G.

“I drove 2 hours over here. That’s how happy I am with Sombrero Capital.”

Alex R.